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My 30 Second Life


Have you ever wondered what girls you would have dated and what crazy stories you would have been able to tell if you just lived your life differently? From birth to death in 30 seconds, each life stage will give you the opportunity to socialize or shy away from others. Each choice will help to determine where your life leads! Go to the gym and start tanning and maybe you can meet some girls at the club. But watch out, you might catch something! And what if you don't go out at all? Will you become fat and full of acne? Can you still meet new girls if you're obese? Does success in business equate to success with women? And who're you going to date if you end up in jail?
The average single male goes on dates with 4 women per year. What about you?
+ Highly addictive gameplay!
+ Addictive and upbeat music!
+ 275+ life stages with unique graphics!
+ 6 different stats that accumulate the more you play!
+ Challenge your friends and see who can get the highest score on Game Center!
+ Over a trillion possible lives to lead!
My 30 Second Life is a game where you have 30 seconds to live your life, a 30 second run to do every thing you wanted, 30 seconds of excitement, love, passion, or 30 seconds of sadness, sorrow, and depression. A 30 Second Life to strike it rich, or a 30 Second Life to die trying. Your 30 Second Life, Your Choice.